Our Story

The Frigid Frog Shaved Ice Co. LLC exists to assist others in starting and CONTINUING a successful shaved ice business. You can count on us to provide you with outstanding products, great marketing strategies and unbeatable customer service! It is a fact that most Shaved Ice Businesses are family owned and operated.


There is an abundance of information on how to start and successfully operate a shaved ice business. We confirm the facts and discredit the myths by offering honest advice and hands-on training to our clients. We go a step further by assisting our clients with marketing at no additional charge. By listing their location and contact information on our website, in addition to directing potential customers to our clients. By utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter we can promote events and feedback at each individual location.

The Frigid Frog is a growing family of individually owned and operated businesses. The products and services that our company provides to those in the shaved ice business is like no other. Our clients are currently operating in 16 different states with over 30 different locations.